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Rural treks in Palpa

                                                                              Dhaulagiri and Annapurna 11

     Bourgainvillea in abundance                                                              Butterflies in abundance

After spending some relaxation at Toribari, enjoying the garden and identifying the very many butterflies that visit a few days rural trekking is a perfect way to see Palpa. Far from the tourist routes and always amongst welcoming local Magar people.
We have many alternative routes starting from our base in Toribari, trekking to villages along tracks through farmland and forest, rising to some high points (the highest being Kauri Lek at 1,800m) affording spectacular views of the whole of Palpa and of coure the ever present Himalaya.

Looking towards the Himalaya from Oles village                                                                           Overlooking Sarai and the Madi - yellow crop is mustard or tori
                                                                                                        View from Kauri Lek 1,800m

It is possible and a pleasure to visit the many rural schools we have helped over the years running the charity The Palpa Trust. Another part of the Trust's work has been to bring clean drinking water to some of the villages which we would certainly visit.
These treks can vary from 3-5 days and are camping with meals taken locally, a great way to become immersed in the local culture. Porters from Sarai,  friends of ours, will carry the baggage allowing guests to carry only what is required for the day.

                               Maulathar School                                                                                   Dawn from Aarkhala

                                                                                     Common Indian Crow

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