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The visitor to Nepal will encounter a great variety of cultures when  travelling  from place to place.                 
In Sarai and the surrounding area most of the people are of the Magar  group.                                         
They proudly maintain their own culture of music, dance, song, dress and jewellery.                                                                                                        

Very little encouragement is needed for them to arrange a get together   and to  demonstrate their culinary skills, singing, dancing and making  music.                                                                                                             

 The largest percentage of the population follow Hinduism although there are also Buddhists in Sarai. The Hindu religion celebrates many festivals in the year and these seem more numerous since all the religious festivals are celebrated regardless of an individual following.

 You will undoubtedly be present for one of these whenever your visit is made.                                                                                                            



Magar boys traditionally dance dressed as women                                                                      Enjoy Holi (colour) Festival with us
women were formerly not permitted to dance but they certainly do today                  



Namaste is the way in which Nepali people will greet you and also wish you farewell.

The Trishul or Trident is sometimes carried by, or simply represents the Hindu God Shiva. It illustrates the three qualities of life - light, energy and the inertia aspect in existence. Seen in the photo below at Bagnas, Palpa        


                                                                 Namaste                                                          Trisul


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